All courses are completed at sea on our 8m boat near coral reefs surrounded by marine life! 


*Requirements - 14 years +

*A private photographer can be arranged on request.


All courses are done on a 8m dive duck out in the open ocean or on Aliwal Shoal reef. 
A photographer can be arranged on request.

daily dives.jpg
daily dives.jpg


R550 per person excluding gear

R700 per person including gear

Snorkeling and other exciting sea adventures. A typical dive sessio is about 3 hours where we dive surrounding reef hotspots. 

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Adventure Freediver I

R3500-R3750 per person

The Adventure Freediver I is an entry-level freediving foundation course that promotes best freedive practice and safety skills. Gain confidence as a capable open-water freediver and freedive buddy. 

The course entails:
– Freedive theory (anatomy & physiology, building a scientific understanding of the elements at play, dive gear)
– Breathing techniques (stages of breathing, relaxation, static apnea and recovery breathing)
– Equalisation (types of equalisation and risk factors, equalisation troubleshooting)
– Body awareness (physical changes and mental challenges
– Freedive technique (efficiency in the water column, finning, body posture and duck diving)
– Freedive safety (buddy protocols and diving techniques, signs and communication and rescue drills)
– Ocean awareness (choosing a dive site, boat safety and general open water protocol) 


The course includes:
– 2 Theory and breathing sessions
– 2 Ocean-based dive sessions
– Coaching and technique correction
– Complementary use of freedive gear
– International certification
– Student manual

On successful completion:
Once you have completed your course, you will be diving up to 10m and comfortably extending your dive time.

You will also be able to join the Adventure Freediver community which is open to all our students. This will open a whole network of freedive buddies with lots of adventure dives to join 

You will become a member of Pure Apnea and receive an internationally recognised certification.

adventure freediver 2.jpg

Adventure Freediver II

R4500-R4750 per person

The Adventure Freediver II is an advanced freediver course focussing on the physiological changes, risk and safety elements encountered when diving deeper and for longer. This course equips you with the knowledge, advanced skills and techniques to limit risk factors and increase your awarness, ability and confidence as an advanced freediver. The AFII is open to all students who have completed the AFI course.

The course entails:
– freedive theory (advanced physiology, freefall, expanded risk assessment and safety awareness)
– breathing techniques (breathing reflexes, training methods to increase breath hold, comfort and tolerance)
– equalisation (frenzel technique, advanced equalisation essential for deeper diving)
– body awareness (mental and physical challenges and limitations, training methods to progress beyond limitations)
– freedive technique (freefall, advanced training methods, flexibility, relaxation and efficiency to conserve O2 and energy)
– freedive safety (advanced buddy diving, risks and rescue scenarios at depth – including practice)
– ocean awareness (dive site assessment and safety protocols)

The course includes:
– 3 theory and breathing sessions
– 4 boat dive sessions
– complementary use of freedive gear
– international certification
– student manual

On successful completion:
Once you have completed your course, you will confidently be diving up to 20m in open ocean and have vastly improved your dive time, confidence and comfort whilst diving. You will now be able to join our depth training sessions

Freediving Gear

If you are wanting to purchase your own diving gear such as wetsuits, snorkels, masks, and fins then please contact us as we custom make these items to order.